Powerful Stuff!

Powerful Stuff – a promotion of power systems for undergrads
13:00-14:00 on 16/4/2015
Room 326 of the Engineering & Material Science Centre, UCD

The IEEE Student Branch PES Chapter at UCD held a session for undergraduate engineering students on power system engineering.

PhD students from the Electricity Research Centre, UCD, gave 10-15 minute introductions on the topics of:

  • Active Residential Networks (Alison O’Connell)
  • Offshore Wind Farms (Jonathan Ruddy)
  • Demand Side Management (Killian McKenna)
  • Frequency Control with Large Renewable Penetrations (Pádraig Daly)
  • Power System Economics and Market Operation (James Ryan)

The purpose of the session was to highlight the vast array of topics in power system engineering, be it industry-related or research-related. Themes such as optimisation, control, algorithms, communications, economics, policy and renewable energy integration were discussed. The students were shown videos on climate change, the impact of hurricanes and solar eclipses on power system operation, and the variation of power system loads. Questions on all topics presented, as well as the future of power systems were discussed after the talks with the students.

A collage of slides from the 5 talks

A collage of slides from the 5 speakers


Killian McKenna discussing the motivation for demand side management